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Our mission is to spread the gospel to the world via internet radio.  Our Christian radio broadcasting internet services are built on the premise that profits are not the be-all and end-all of broadcasting.  We are an all-volunteer cooperative with less that 10 people giving their spare time to keep us alive.


Thank you for supporting WVTC Detroit and being a part of our outreach.  Your donation helps us not only reach people in our communities, we are able to reach people with the Gospel all over the world who don't have access to other radio stations and spread the word of God.

This station is genuinely cultural, non-denominational, free-speech and open-media access with a truly global outreach.

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Why Should I Donate?

As a volunteer-based organization, WVTC Detroit stands in need of:

  • Dedicated volunteers who can work on our broadcasting and media related projects. 

  • Financial assistance to purchase equipment, programs, physical space, and  software licences in order to keep our operation up and running to fortify our community.

You can send your donation online using $CashApp. Zelle, Visa or Mastercard by clicking the icon below.

How Can I Donate?

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WVTC Detroit
248 907-4243
248 907-4243
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